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International Patient Department Center  - Treatment Sections
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Therapeutic Wards:





Emergency (Acute, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, inpatients, and outpatients), Medical ICU, General ICU 2, Renal Transplantation, Bone Marrow Transplantation, Urology 2, Emergency Operating Room, Pharmacy, Supplies and Drug Stores, Laundry, Saderat Bank, Installations and Central Heating Engine Room, Oxygen Concentrator, Medical Gauze Central System; and, on the western and northern sides of the hospital, Disposition Place, Drinking Water Reservoirs. Morgue, Admission and Discharge, Dialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Pre-conception Preparedness Class


Laboratory, Blood Bank, Pathology, Oncology 1, Radiotherapy, MRI, Lithotripsy, Nuclear Medicine, CT scan, Angiography, Pacemaker, Social Workers, Saderat Bank, Photocopy, Revenue and Discharge, Child Care Centre, Female Residents Pavilion, Physiotherapy and Drug Experts, Environmental Health and Occupational Health


Admission and Medical Records, Prayer Room, Clinic, Pharmacy, Kitchen, Buffet, Nursing Office, Security, Deputy of Education, Amphitheatre, Logistics Directorate, Medical Equipment, IPD, Surgical Candidates Companions Waiting Room, Patients Education, Insuring Organizations Experts, Quality Improvement Office, Infection Control, Complaints Unit, Public Relations Unit, Medical Basij (Mobilization Force), Crisis and Firefighting Unit, Safety Unit, Development and Research Unit


Operating Rooms, Thorax ICU, Presidents and Directors Offices, Administrative and Financial (Accounts) Affairs, Special Stairway Opposite to the Nursing Office on Level 3, Library, Reading Room and Educational Classes


NICU, Postpartum, Womens Surgery Ward 1 Delivery Room, Womens Surgery Ward 2


Pediatrics Ward, PICU, Womens Surgery Ward 7


General ICU 1, Mens Surgery Ward 3, Surgery Ward 2 (Neurosurgery)


CCU, Surgery Ward 6 (Neurology), POST CCU, Surgery Ward 4 (Orthopedics - Oncology


Medicine Ward 1, Medicine Ward 2


Surgery Ward 5 (Urology 1), Infectious Diseases









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